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Rustin Invitational 2015

The Rustin Invitational for 2015 will be held on Saturday January 31st, 2015 (snow date on the Feb 1st).

REGISTRATION FORM will be posted in early Sept.










Bring them with you on January 25th.

Health Form

Student Registration Form


Information for coaches

(NEW) Pizza Preorder Form

(NEW) Letter to Coaches

Rustin Map 2014 (Inside)

Rustin Annotated Map (outside)

Event Schedule 2014

Transportation Survey

Event Sign Up Instructions

Hotel Information

Rustin Annotated Map (outside)



Rule Clarification and FAQ:

Because teams will be coming from different states only rule clarifications and FAQ answers on the national website will be used.  The exception to this is if the Event Supervisor wishes to identify any further clarifications they want to have posted on this website for all to see.

  • Road Scholar:  The event supervisor will be providing all maps for this event.
  • Entomology:  
    • “Students may write in their field guide only. Information on post-its or pages glued into the guide will not be acceptable.”  This is a rule clarification that NY state has made and we will follow it.
    • “Are students responsible for larval & nymph for all 5 damselflies under F?” The answer is YES – they are responsible for them. This will help reduce ties. 




2014 Rustin Invitational Letter   (for Waitlist only as the invitational is currently full)

Online Registration Form